Why Do Puppies Bite Everything So Much? What Can I Do to Stop It?

To most people, dogs are more than just an animal, they are part of the family. They aren’t called ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing you know. They love their owners and are one of the most loyal pets you can buy. Just being around them can make them happy. The downside, however, it that they can be quite demanding. When it comes to getting your new puppy, you may end up being a little overwhelmed.

Why Do Puppies Bite So Much? – Overview

  • It could take a while for them to stop, just be patient
  • Be sure to enforce some sort of consequence for them so they will learn good behaviors.
  • They are allowed to chew on their toys or balls.
  • If they try and bite your hands or feet, you should let them know that it is bad behavior.
  • Stop any games that you are playing with them if they bite you
  • Praise them when they stop nipping you.
  • Give them a lot of exercise.
  • Never use any physical violence against them.

Why Do Puppies Bite So Much

Their Upbringing

Using command won’t work instantly. It could take a long time for your pup to understand basic commands.

But biting their owners or even other people is a major problem. Your hands and feet are often a major target for untrained puppies.

If left untrained, they could carry on this trait when they are an adult and cause serious harm.

Their owners often wonder why this happens. It is usually because they failed to train them to not bite as a puppy.

Biting Is Normal

All dogs bite. They are not doing it because they hate you or they feel threatened. They are not really biting you, it is no more than a small gentle pinch of the teeth. All puppies do it so don’t worry. All they are doing is testing your strength. It is very important, however, to show them that there are limits to this. It should not develop into a natural thing to do as an adult. They may seem cute when they do this as a puppy, but you definitely don’t want them to do this when they are fully grown.

Reasons For Biting

As I mentioned above, they are not doing this in a defensive or aggressive manner. You may even notice that they will be wagging their tail in excitement when they do this. Dogs love to play this ‘game’. They may do this to show some excitement of going for a walk or playing with their favorite ball.

If your dog grows into a huge adult, however, you may want to stop this.

Build up the bite inhibition

Bite inhibition training is used to stop the dog from playfully pinching or even biting their owner. Young puppies tend to have extra sharp teeth, which hurt a lot more. Therefore, your dog needs to know how hard they can bite you without hurting you. Stopping them from playfully biting you all together can be a very hard thing to do as it is part of their natural development.

Tips against biting


How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

There are a few ways that you can stop your puppy from biting you or other people. The first thing I will say, is once again, never use violence towards them. They are not biting you out of anger. They don’t even realize that their teeth are super sharp. Therefore, the dog’s owner must lovingly educate them on how hard they are allowed to bite.

Show verbal boundaries

The puppy should be at least 6 weeks old before you start to teach them to not bite. If you try and educate them before 6 weeks, they most likely won’t learn anything.

Next time they try and bite you, just yell ‘no’ at them. Even if you pretended to cry out in pain, your dog should take this as a sign that they have done something wrong. You may even notice that they may sniff at the area that they have bitten to make sure that you are ok. Doing this will teach them that biting can cause pain.

Provide alternatives

Since biting is a natural thing for dogs to do, you could offer them an alternative thing to chew on. Be sure to buy some chew toys which they can safely bite into.

Movement is important

You need to also make sure that you are exercising them often. Even as a puppy, they should be getting lots of excercise. If you let them run around a fenced garden or even take them on long walks, they will most likely not have the energy to play bite you when they get home.

Main Principles


Puppy Biting Tips

When training a dog, most people tend to make mistakes. This is usually due to a lack of experience, especially if it is your very first puppy. These mistakes can be avoided as long as you understand the basics. These training rules, not only help stop them from biting, but will also help with other aspects of training in the future.

Always stay consistent

You need to be consistent. If you taught your dog yesterday that biting hurts, and today you teach them that it does not hurt, you are doing it wrong. In order to teach them what is right and wrong, you must teach them the same thing every day.

Apply the principle of punishment and reward

The punishment and reward principle should always be taught. If they do something bad, they get a non-violent punishment. If they are good then they get a reward. If they bite you then simply yell ‘bad dog’ at them and stop playing with them. If they don’t bite, but they poke you with their nose or even licks you, then start to pet them and tell them how good they are in a higher-pitched tone of voice.

Patience is the key to success

You need to be patient. Every dog is different when it comes to the speed at which they learn new things. If your friend’s dog learned not to bite with a few days, that does not mean that your dog will learn it that quickly. Just remember that even slow progress is a good thing. This is also something that you need to remember in future training.


Your dog does not want to hurt you. They want to play. Since they are very young, they simply do not know that they are hurting you. You must still keep control of their biting though. If you don’t train them now, then things will only get worse when they are older and stronger. You don’t have to stop them from biting completely. Just make sure they know their limits and try and keep the biting to toys only.

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