Essential Dog Nail Trimming Tools

A lot of dog owners these days have decided to stop taking their dogs to get professionally groomed. Gone are the days of having to wait in line to pay lots of money to get your dog groomed. They have decided to take things into their own hands and groom their dogs themselves.

If you are one of those people, then you will know that there is more to grooming than simply brushing your dog’s fur all the time. One thing that you will need to do often, is to trim your dog’s nails. To do this properly, you will need to invest in the right tools. This means that you need to get your hands on a decent pair of nail trimmers.

The Different Types Of Trimmer

As a beginner, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the many varieties of nail trimmer. However, most nail trimmers fall into these categories.


A very easy to use form of nail trimmer that is favored amongst beginners. All you have to do is insert your dogs nail into the hole and line the blade up with where you want to cut, give the handles a little squeeze and, voila, done. The blade will swing across and chop the nail.


Guillotine style trimmers are perfect for small to medium-sized dog nails. For larger nails, you will want a different trimmer.


These work just like conventional scissors. Simply line up the blade to where on the nail you wish to cut and cut it.


These nail trimmers are usually quite cheap. Just be aware that over time, the blade may go blunt. This means that you will need to buy another pair in the future.

They are not really strong enough to be used on medium to large nails, however, they are perfect for smaller nails.


This style of trimmer is usually what the professionals use. They are basically a spring-loaded version of the scissor style trimmers. Because they are spring-loaded, they require much less force to be applied.


These ones usually come in two different sizes. The small ones are for small to medium nails, and the larger size is made to be used on dogs.

Nail Grinder

Just like the name suggests, this will grind the nail down instead of cutting it.

Nail Grinder

This is a perfect tool for those that have a dog that does not like to be gripped by the nail.

There are quite a few different grinders on the market, even low noise ones to be used on dogs that get scared of loud noises.

Other Tool That You Will Need

Two things that I highly recommend that you have handy are:

Styptic Powder

You will need some of this in case you cut the nail too low. If you do, your dog will be in pain and the nail will most likely start to bleed.

You can use this powder to stop the bleeding. Just apply the styptic powder to the wound, and it will act very quickly, stopping the bleeding and helping the healing process.

A Hand File

once you have cut the nail, there are bound to be some rough edges. Simply use a nail to smoothen these edges and make them less sharp.

nail file

You could also use a powered smoothing tool if you wish, instead of using a hand file. Just make sure that your dog is not frightened by the noise it makes.

Cutting your dog’s nails does not need to be a difficult task. But to ensure you do a good job, be sure to buy the right tools.

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