8 Tips for Reducing Your Dog Food Bill

It can be very expensive to look after a dog, especially if you only have a small weekly budget to spend on them. Because of this, a lot of people find it hard to keep their dog, so they decide to re-home them. But, there are things that you can do to help reduce the costs of feeding them.

1. Feed Them a “Complete” Dry Dog Food


complete dog food

Dry dog food is usually a lot cheaper to buy than wet dog food. Just make sure that you read the label properly before buying it. Be sure to look out for one that is listed as ‘complete’, as this type of dry food contains everything that your dog will need to stay healthy.

2. Know Your Dogs’ Weight


dog weight

Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines on the packet, as they usually recommend a certain amount of food for a certain size dog. Just make sure that you know your dog’s weight so that you don’t over/underfeed them.

A large number of dog owners do not know their dog’s weight, and as a result, they end up feeding their dog too much or too little.

3. Bulk Buy


bulk dog food

It may come as no surprise that buying dog food in bulk will save you money in the long run. So, be sure to stock up on big bags or big tins of dog food if you can.

4. Switch to a Cheaper Brand


cheaper food

There are a lot of fancy dog foods in the shops these days, and most owners think they need to get the expensive branded ones. However, most supermarkets sell their own brand dog food, which can be just as good, but cheaper.

5. Shop Online


shop online

You may be able to get a good discount online. Try searching around to find the best price.

6. Cut Down on The Treats


dog treats

If your furry friend is anything like mine, then they love treats. They can be quite expensive to buy though. By cutting down on our dog’s favorite treats, you may be able to drastically cut down your dog food bill. You could even try your hand at making them some homemade treats.

7. Use Money Off Coupons



Try looking through magazines for coupons. You should also be able to find some online.

8. Make Your Own Healthy Dog Food


homemade dog food

It is not hard to make your own dog food. If you do, then you will have complete control over their diet, as well as cutting down the cost of their meals.

Sometimes we all need to cut back on our spending. When income is low, everyone in your family needs to make some sort of sacrifice, this includes your dog.

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